About us

WOMANDILAX.COM is the female version of our popular MANDILAX.COM, both are brands under of Uncrowned King Intl Limited, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria with registration number RC-1361472. We offer a wide range selection of handpicked latest and classic trends in women’s jewelry. Our product collection consists of jewelry made by the most coveted and in-demand jewelers.

Going bankrupt or hurting your wallet to steal the show at your next outing isn’t a must that’s why we are offering our products and services at a rare cheap price without sacrificing quality for the purpose of making an outrageous profit.

Our collections are sold at near wholesale cost and professionally polished before shipment for an extra clean shine. We don’t just sell any jewelry we lay our hands on, we take pride in our collection and keep the selection limited to only the most stylish pieces. Be sure to check out our entire collection of gold chains offered and our unbelievable prices.

We do have a physic office in Lagos where customers can walk in and make their purchase so do ensure to visit us when next you come around town.