WOMANDILAX is the ladies version of what MANDILAX is to gents. Both dreams were conceived in 2013 but her birth only came naturally in 2016 through leveraging the authority of MANDILAX
Today, we are reputable for online shopping of certified quality fashion jewelry for women in Nigeria. Our brand is built upon the philosophy that people do not have to spend scarce money on crazy expensive jewelry just to show off when they can invest it for their future.
In the words of our CEO, BJ-Mighty “Part of my philosophy as a person is to make sure that people understand that there is no shame in wearing high quality lab diamond or gold plated jewelry. This type of jewelry has been worn for decades”.
Our specialty also includes custom or personalized jewelry making and designing. Our handpicked range of sparkly lab diamond engagement rings/proposal rings, classic couples wedding bands and matching jewelry set for women are highly tasty. We’ve also built a name for ourself when it also comes to high-end jewelry like Real diamond engagement rings and 18karat real gold for our high-end clients.
If you are looking for where to buy 925 Sterling silver engagement rings, bracelets for women, gold necklaces for women, custom name necklaces, original gold in Lagos or Nigeria and other ladies accessories, come to WOMANDILAX. We’ve sworn an oath to give you a splendid buying experience with our friendly customer service.
Comfortably sit and shop our jewelry online and receive it with 24/48hrs shipping within Nigeria. With our quality certified jewelry, speed delivery and years of experience, we guarantee you 100% that you will be very pleased when you receive your package.